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Audio Research SP-3A-1
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MSRP  795.00
Description: The SP-3A-1 is a vacuum tube preamplifier that was introduced in 1975 and discontinued in 1978. It is the most common of all the SP-3 model variations. <br> <br>Frequency response ±1dB 10Hz-30kHz, IHF load <br> ±1dB of RIAA 30Hz-30kHz <br>Distortion (THD) Harmonic distortion: Less than 0.005% at 5V RMS output, IHF load <br> IM distortion: Less than 0.005% at 5V RMS output, IHF load, SMPTE method <br>Noise & hum High level inputs (unweighted wide-band): more than 90dB below rated output <br> Magnetic phono inputs (below 10mV input) 20Hz to 20kHz: more than 70dB below rated outputs. Power line components (hum): more than 66dB <br>Gain 57dB, magnetic phono input, main outputs, IHF load <br> 34dB, magnetic phono input, tape outputs, IHF load <br> 23dB, high level inputs, main outputs, IHF load <br> 0dB, high level input, tape outputs, IHF load <br>Input impedance Magnetic Phono: 50K ohms typical (150 pf shunt) <br> High Level: 100K ohms typical <br>Output impedance Less than 600 ohms @ 1kHz (all outputs). Recommended load: 20K or greater <br>Output polarity <br>Maximum inputs 300mV RMS @ 1kHz (magnetic phono input). High level inputs overload proof. <br>Rated outputs Maximum output: 25V RMS @ 1kHz, all outputs <br>Power supplies <br>Tube complement (2) 12AX7 LN, (6) 12AX7 <br>Power requirements 120/240V, 50/60Hz, 60 Watts <br>Other Tone controls: Bass and treble variable ±18dB at 10Hz and 15kHz respectively <br>Dimensions 15 5/8" W x 5½" H x 12½ D <br>Weight 14 lbs. Net. 20 lbs. Shipping


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