Arcam C30 Preamplifiers

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Product Description

  • New high-resolution audio signals in mind
  • Stereo music sources
  • High performance mm/mc phono stage
  • Multi-channel input module
  • Two eight-channel inputs
  • Audiophile-grade surround music / home theater system

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KEF c30 woofer

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement woofer for KEF C30 (SP1206) speakers? Thanks ChrisRead More »

My KEF C30 has arrived but....

I ordered a pair of KEF C30 weeks ago and they arrived today. Yet, one of them sounds great and normal whereas the other comes with paint chipping off from the lower edge of the dish. It can only produce half of the volume of the other one. Worse still, while music is playing, that speaker produces ... Read More »


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