EAR/Yoshino LTD. 834P Phono Preamps

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Switchable moving magnet/moving coil phono preamplifier.

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EAR 834P phono preamp

What do you folks think of the EAR 834P phono preamp? I have no way to audition one, as far as I know. I figure if I buy one, I'll buy it used. That has always been a good way to get a component in and back out for a minimal cost hit. This would go in with the Rega P5 and Audio Research CA50. T ... Read More »

Ear 834p

EAR 834P Phono Pre-Amp [url]http://www.ear-usa.com/earproducts.htm[/url] [IMG]http://www.audiophilia.com/hardware/ear834.jpg[/IMG] $1,195-1,595 Dear Eric, EAR 834P has been around for awhile and one of the more popular phono-pre. I would love to read some reviews from our peers, and am certain tha ... Read More »



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