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Product Image
Yamaha AX 490
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Description: The AX-490 Natural Sound Stereo Integrated Amplifier allows you to hook up to 6 audio components including 2 tape positions, providing extensive systems connectablity.<br><br>- Heavy-duty Top-Art Base. To support these heavy components and prevent vibration and resonance, Yamaha has a special base inside the chassis. It has a double-panel structure, each 1.6mm thick, and the AX-570 adds extra damping material between the two panels.<br>- A pre-main coupler lets you add signal processors or larger amplifiers to your system. Also allows for a direct subwoofer connection. Makes for greater system flexibility and room for growth.<br>- Because gold is an excellent conductor and not susceptible to corrosion, this unit has gold-plated input terminals. The AX-570 goes a step further, with 2-pin gold-plated solid brass CD and Pre Out terminals for large-size cables.


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