Unison Research Performance Integrated Amplifiers

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  • Output Power: 45 W / channel
  • Output Impedance: 4 โ€“ 8 ohm
  • Feedback factor: 16 dB
  • Power Consumption: 500VA max

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Best ipod performance

I have an NAD amplifier and a set of Triangle speakers. Works beautifully with my NAD CD player. But when I connect the ipod to the amp (even after recording the songs in the .wav extension) the quality of the sound is poor. What equipment (amp, speakers, preamp?) do you reccomend in order to have a ... Read More »

Freddie Mercury final performance

This a very moving music video from the band Queen featuring their single "These Are The Days Of Our Lives", where Freddie Mercury look very thin and frail due to AIDS. Filmed in May 1991, this was Mercury's last performance in front of camera. He died six months later. [URL="http://www.youtub ... Read More »

OT: looks vs performance...what should I choose?

I know this is OT, but i always get good advise here so what the heck. I just purchased a used boat and am building a system. I'm torn between bling and likely upper end sound. Here are my choices...i've heard the Infinity Marine speakers and they sound clear and loud, but i know the backgrou ... Read More »

The Decemberists streaming live performance on NPR right now.

The Decemberists are performing the new album live right now, streaming on NPR. [url]http://www.npr.org/2011/01/19/133026865/the-decemberists-the-king-is-dead-live-from-portland?utm_source=The+Decemberists&utm_campaign=9a42ac13a0-The_Decemberists_News_11_26_0911_26_2009&utm_medium=email[/url] Th ... Read More »

New 2010 clip Healing:: Sami Yusuf's performance

[CENTER][SIZE="5"]New 2010 clip Healing:: Sami Yusuf's performance To download the clip click here [url]http://www.nnw1.net/media/go/?download=video&id=398[/url] To download the song mp3 audio [url]http://www.nnw1.net/media/go/?download=song&id=2080[/url][/SIZE][/CENTER]Read More »


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