Technics SU - V450 Integrated Amplifiers

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Product Description

Stereo Intergrated Amplifier

VC 4 Amplifier System Current drive.

45 watts continuous into 8ohm

0.007% ntermodulation distortion.

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Tirami Su

Listening to this DiMeola classic this weekend................1987 -- hard to believe its been that long............back in his Synclavier days.............good stuff.Read More »

Tirami Su

OMG ! Pulled this DiMeola CD out of the treasure chest last night -- what a great piece of work. Recorded in 1987, this is the highlight of his experimentation with the Synclavier, and he has fun doing it, utilizing a wide spectrum of voices for guitar. And fat Anthony on bass -- just wow.Read More »

Techics SU-7600 "Sweet"

I recently pulled out my 1970's Technics SU-7600 integrated amp to use with my monitor audio S1 speakers. Its 41wpc and prbably puts out almost twice that rating. I've forgotten how good this amp was. I also have an early 1980s Yamaha A-400 40wpc amp and compared the 2. The Yammy sounds awful. ... Read More »

Opinion: Pioneer SX-780 vs Technics SU-V2

Anybody know anything about either of these amps? Be glad for some opinions! Which of these two amps - Pioneer SX-780 or Technics SU-V2 - do people regard more highly?Read More »

Erratic volume on Technics SU-X911 amplifier ("New Class A")

Hello, was wondering if someone could advise on this problem ... [U]Background[/U]: My midi Amp (SU-X911) is part of a Technics system (CD player, Tuner, Cassette Deck, Equalizer). The system was bought sometime in the late 80's (yes it's old). [U]Problem[/U]: Amp volume (controlled by electro ... Read More »



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