Rogue Audio Tempest Integrated Amplifiers

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Product Description

Tempest Integrated Tube Amplifier
General Features:
  • Ultra-wide bandwith output transformers
  • Massive high storage power supply
  • Matched quad output tubes
  • User selectable 4 or 8 ohm output taps
  • User selectable triode or ultralinear output
  • (4) KT88, (2) 6SN7, (2) 12AX7 tube complement
  • 6 inputs (phono*, CD, tuner, tape, aux, preamp)
  • *External phono stage required
  • Active outputs for subwoofer or biamping
  • Matched aluminum faceplate
  • Alps volume and Noble balance control
  • Heavy-duty gold plated RCA connectors
  • Heavy-duty gold plated binding posts
  • All precision components
  • Heavy (2 ounce) copper circuit board
  • Metal remote volume control
  • Fully tested, burned-in, and auditioned
  • Integral tube cage
  • Detachable IEC power cord
  • Entirely designed and built in the USA
  • 3 year limited warranty (6 months on tubes)
  • output power: 90WPC minimum
  • THD: <0.1% typ., <1% at rated power
  • frequency response:
  • 20Hz - 20KHz at peak output,
  • 10Hz - 100KHz at 10 watts
  • input sensitivity: 1.0V RMS
  • dimensions: 18" W x 15¾" D x 7" H
  • weight: 55 lbs. (Magnum version: 60 lbs.)
  • shipping weight: 65 lbs
  • power requirements: 120V/240V - 50/60Hz

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    User Reviews

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by HighTech RedNeck a Audio Enthusiast

    Date Reviewed: October 20, 2009

    Bottom Line:   
    I've bought this used on Audiogon after hearing one at a friend's home and it seemed to fit my needs. I prefer tubes but do not want the complexity of separate components. The Tempest has the openness of tubes without the bloat or sloppy bass of some gear. If anything I wish it had a bit more bottom end and sounded a bit more detailed when listening at really low volume levels.

    A friend suggested I replace the input tube 12AX7 with a 12BZ7 as is often done on some Cary amps. After checking with Rouge to assure it would not overtax the heater supply, I tried the 12BZ7. This was a huge improvement and made the amp much more robust sounding and there were no apparent drawbacks to the switch. I have been running it this way for over a year with no problems. Highly Recommended to owners of the MKI Tempest. Not sure if it can be done on the MKII.

    The sound is open and detailed with a nice tube ambiance. It sounds quick but doesn't come across like solid state gear or have an over etched quality. Imaging is good too with adequate dynamic contrast. Yes, I've heard better, like the Audio Research LS-5 and Classic 30/60/120, but then the Tempest does not cost nearly so much.

    Now for the problems.

    The amp weighs a ton and is not easy to get grip on it when trying to move it around. Decide where you want to put it and plan to leave it there or have some help when you do move it. Even small movements are not easy.

    The fan makes noise that is easily heard at very low volumes if you closer than 6-7 feet away. It’s a bad design in this regard. I have planned to get inside to see if it can be modified to mitigate the sound of the fan but moving it around is such a pain. I’m sure the fan is just rumbling against the metal case and be dampened out.

    It sounds best with Electro Harmonic KT88 tubes that originally ship with the amp. The problem is these tubes are extremely sensitive to shipping damage. I had a terrible time getting a good set from Rogue and The Tube Store simply said they would rather not try and ship them at all. I have heard rumor that EH have improved their KT88 tube in this regard but cannot confirm. BTW, 6550 tubes will work but sound terrible.

    It has lots of protective fuses inside so if you have any tube issues, as I did when trying to get EH KT-88s that survived shipment, it will blow the fuses quickly so have some spares. It does seem to be gentle on tubes as mine seem to be lasting a really long time.

    The amp likes high quality tubes on the front end, not Sovteks or any Chinese junk. That's not a problem really but you need to be aware it will sound harsh if the tubes are not something good.

    Associated Equipment: California Audio Labs CL-15 CD Player / JM Lab 826s Speakers / V-Cable Power Cords, Interconnects and their magnificent X-Link which helps stabilize the ground plane of audio gear.

    Hope this information helps. I’ve been very critical here so don’t get the impression I’m saying this is a bad piece of gear, because it is not. I tend to be the glass is half full kind of person and focus on the negative. I’ve had the Tempest for over 4 years now. If it were bad I would simply say that or would have gotten rid of it.

    The best advice I can give to any Tempest owners is substitute the 12BZ7 tube for the 12AX7, use EH KT-88 Tubes and pickup a V-Cable X-link.


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    Used product for:   More than 1 year

    Duration Product Used:   Audio Enthusiast

    Product model year:   2001

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Joe a AudioPhile

    Date Reviewed: June 11, 2003

    Bottom Line:   
    Had this one since September 01. Great product, similarly, great company to deal with. The depth, width, size of the stage is incredible. Sound is articulate, but not overly HYPER detailed. I guess that's bad to some people, but I prefer a realistic sounding system, and not a "hifi" sound. This has been the single best product I've bought. IT's been through many competitors, including the highly touted Cary SLI-80 Signature, the Unison Research SR-1, Audio Refinement Complete (excellent for an all solid state amp). I can't comment on the Magnum version, but the stock version is A-OK by me.
    Good Job Rogue!

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    Used product for:   More than 1 year

    Duration Product Used:   AudioPhile

    Product model year:   2000

    Price Paid:    $1400.00

    Purchased At:   Audiogon

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by Joe France a Audio Enthusiast

    Date Reviewed: May 25, 2003

    Bottom Line:   
    My continued search for the perfect integrated amp. finally brought me to the Rogue Tempest Magnum, which I listened to for as long as they would allow at Sound by Singer (about an hour). This is a wonderfully engaging amplifier. The sound is very smooth, rich and life-like. I loved it particularly on vocals, although it fulfilled all of my expectations in classical and early jazz--from sols voices to orchestral presentation. Out does the VTL by a significant margin.

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    Used product for:   Less than 1 month

    Duration Product Used:   Audio Enthusiast

    Product model year:   2003

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by yohjo a Audio Enthusiast

    Date Reviewed: May 6, 2003

    Bottom Line:   
    I bought the Tempest Magnum and could not be happier. This is my first venture in tubes and I love the sound. The Tempest is so good I see no reason to "upgrade." The only thing I am going to do is buy the 88 amplifier and semi bi-amp my speakers. Mark O'Brian, the owner of Rogue is great. Any emails with questions are promptly and happily responded to. The only knock I have read about is it is soft on the low end. I do not find this problem at all with my equipment. This is a superb product at a reasonable price and is made entirely in the USA.
    I run a Cal Audio cl10 as a transport feeding a Bel Canto Dac 2 with Nordost & Homegrown Audio cabling. Project Perspective turntable with Clearaudio Virtuoso cartridge. Speaker cables are Analysis Plus Oval 9's feeding Meadowlark Audio Shearwater Hot Rods.

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    Used product for:   1 to 3 months

    Duration Product Used:   Audio Enthusiast

    Product model year:   2003

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Alan a AudioPhile

    Date Reviewed: February 19, 2002

    Bottom Line:   
    Following my previous review I contacted Rogue for advice on upgrading (to upgrade to the Magnum is not easy in UK). On his suggestion I changed the KT88's to Electro Harmonix 6550's and the 2 X 12AX7's to Mullard ECC83's. On my own tinkering I replaced the power lead with the high current Kimber and placed very soft sorbothane pads under the feet. As I said before I was absolutely delighted with the Rogue but with these changes it is staggeringly good. My Guarneri's really sing - the bass is more open and the transparency is truly walk through - no area of the audio spectrum offends and this is the first time I have ever been able to say that in 32 years of buying HiFi. I did try replacing the 12AU7's with Mullard ECC82's but it pushed the soundstage too forward (for my ear). This is definitely my final amplifier purchase!!

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    Used product for:   3 Months to 1 year

    Duration Product Used:   AudioPhile

    Product model year:   2000

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