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Product Image
Mystère ia21
0 Reviews
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MSRP  2995.00
Description: Vacuum tube integrated amplifier. <P> Fully optimized dual-mono Adaptive AutoBias circuit improves performance, lowers distortion, and eliminates the need to adjust tube bias. <P> Point to point internal wiring, premium parts, and high-gloss piano black finish. <P> High-quality 24-step volume attenuator. <P> Quick-release tube cage. <P> Conservative design using four 6SN7 input tubes and four KT88 power tubes. <P> EL-34/KT88 operation switch re-calibrates the Adaptive AutoBias board for optimal operating tolerances when using either tube. <P> Full pentode operation yields 50 watts per channel. <P> Double layer polypropylene coupling capacitors, robust low noise resistors and high purity copper conductors.


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