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Manley Laboratories 100 100
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Description: The Manley 100/100 integrated amplifier is built on a single chassis employing a common power transformer but with dual-channel rectification and separate filter/reservoir capacity banks.<br><br>Three inputs are provided (TAPE. CD, & TUNER) together with a precision stepped volume-control ensuring absolute channel balance. There is a fourth position marked ""AMPLI"" which bypasses the switching and volume-control enabling this unit to be used with a separate preamplifier.<br><br>A mute switch is also provided, very handy for avoiding noise when swapping interconnect cables or front end electronics.<br><br>Each output stage comprises a pair of the luscious TesIovak KT88S (pictured above) or the well-proven Russian 6550C's running in ULTRA-LINEAR (or PARTlAL-TRIODE) mode. The Manley 100 / 100 Stereo Amplifier is, we believe, an intelligent choice of power delivery for a basic high quality ""no frills"" stereo system offering easy operation and installation.


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