Lavardin Technologies IS Integrated Amplifiers

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  • Low memory distortion circuits and components
  • Full width design

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Back together: Neutral Milk Hotel and The Dismemberment Plan. How cool is that?

Looks like I'll be going to see both of them too. How cool is that?Read More »

What is a front firing sub woofer vs any other sub woofer?

Title says it all. Does front firing make placement of the woofer more flexible? jerry525Read More »

Doctor Who: Matt Smith is Leaving; Search for the 12th Doctor Begins

Long time Doctor Who fan. I've seen most of the classic serials, and the entire revived series. I love the new series, and I'm glad that the Doctor has finally found a decent sized audience in the U.S. Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor was a near perfect casting choice to revive Doctor Who. ... Read More »

Gordon Lightfoot is coming to town.

Well he is coming to Columbus. Nothing comes to my town but street carnivals and small fairs complete with Rebel flag booths. I think I may have to buy some tickets. ForeverAutumn I remember you have seen him perform recently. What are your thoughts?Read More »

Is my amp any good?

Hi, So I'm kind of new to the game and when it comes to knowing what makes an amp any good or not I'm completely lost. I recently purchased a pair of high quality headphones; Sennheiser HD 598s and I want to run them as best as possible. I've heard it's best from a full system with a real amp and ... Read More »



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