AMC 3020 Integrated Amplifiers

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Product Description

  • Integrated stereo amplifier
  • Input level controls
  • 5 way binding posts
  • large-diameter speaker

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Impedance selector on Nad 3020

I was just knocking around with the my Nad 3020i today, and was trying to use the impedance selector at the back to change it from 8ohm to 4ohm but found that the switch is locked on, it seems it needs to be unscrewed or something to change it. Any idea on how to do this? I'm trying to understan ... Read More »

Is NAD 3020 good? I'm new in hi fi world.

I'm new. I don't have much idea or knowledge about hi fi. But i had a Pioneer VSX-D902S and Advent Heritage speakers. I'm looking for a good integrated amp and speakers. Do NAD 3020 and Xavian speakers could be best to here the music?Read More »

NAD 3020 Pre Amp and Optional internal Amp

i was looking through used victoria and i found this its an older NAD but its reviewed at 4.79 out of 5 so its pretty good and its only $100 is it a good deal ?Read More »

look for nad 3020 advice

Hi, I like the sound of nad 3020, I am using it to drive a pair of focus 110(4 ohms nominal) 85db 9 o'clock volumn can fill my small room pretty well, my question is what is the optimal working point for this amp. 12 o'clock or even higher? I don't like the soft clipping to work. Thanks.Read More »

NAD 3020 input jack problem

Hi. I purchased a NAD 3020 a month ago. The input jacks worked when I got it, but somehow damaged when I tried to put male cable-It was very hard to connect so I probably put it too strongly. Right now, only 1 source(tape) is working in both channels. Only 1 channel is working in Aux and Tuner in ... Read More »