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!why! Products SILBATONE
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MSRP  1825.00
Description: SILBATONE <br> <br>Silbatone is ultra hi-fi brand aims for ultimate sound reproduction and beyond. We believe in the potential of tubes as heart-moving amplifying device. <br> <br>We bring out maximum performance from tubes(mainly triodes) and balancethem with state of the art technology like ultra high precision industrial power supply(lowest impedance imaginable), nickel core/silver foil transformer, microprocessor controlled stabilization system. <br> <br>Design and construction, for the maximum satisfaction of our valued customers, we used Swiss made high quality aluminum block and finishedsurface by hand, precision ball bearings are adapted in volume andselector for sensual control of the knobs. <br> <br>SPECIFICATIONS <br>Type: Integrated stereo tube amplifier <br>Tube Compliment: two each 300B, 5687 and 5965 <br>Frequency Response: 20Hz to 35kHz <br>Power Output: 8 Watt per channel <br>Input Sensitivity: 750mV <br>Input Impedance: 10kOhms <br>Output Impedance: 4.6 or 8 Ohms (16 Ohms optional) <br>THD: Less than 2 percent <br>Signal To Noise: 100dB <br>Dimensions: 44 x 25 x 43 (WxHxD in mm)


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