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Threshold  STASIS 8.0 Stereo Power Amplifier
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Description: The STASIS 8.0 stereo power amplifier represents the consummate balance of brute force and nuanced control. To some, its appearance may suggest an obsession with solidity and power. Its credentials in these areas are formidable - and readily apparent on first listen. <br><br> <li>8.0 Specifications <li>Nominal Power Output (20Hz–20kHz) <li>200 Watts per channel at 8 Ohms <li>400 Watts per channel at 4 Ohms <li>Frequency Response: DC- 50kHz <li>Distortion: 0.02% at 1kHz, at rated output power <li>Voltage Gain: 28 dB <li>Input Impedance: 22k ohm (RCA), 600 ohm (XLR) <li>Input Sensitivity: 1.58V RMS for full power output <li>Output Impedance: less than 0.05 ohm from 20Hz–20kHz <li>Damping Factor: greater than 160 for 8 ohm load, 20Hz–20kHz, at 1 Watt


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