Thorhauge Audio SE Amplifiers

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Product Description

  • Output: 16w
  • Frequency Range: 20 hz – 0,3db. 50khz – 0,75db
  • Feedback: 6 db.
  • Output: 1,2 ohm.

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Golden Tube SE-40

OK, it's here!! I have started this thread so I can track its progress as I build it up. Big shout out to Adam!! It's in excellent shape. Oh ya, my kid insisted on being in the photos...Read More »

Speakers for Golden Tube SE-40

YO! I will becoming into a Golden Tube SE-40 shortly. It will be refurb'd and modded back to its glory. Since this amp has been around for a while, I was wondering if anyone here has seen or even better, heard, some nice speaker combos with it. I will be using it strictly for vinyl, no CD or d ... Read More »

Going to se the Outlaws on Sunday

Outlaws - Steve Marriot - Lynyrd Skynyrd was my first concert somewhere near the release of the self titled album with Green Grass and High Tides. The band has been in existence in one form or another since 1968. Unfortunately, one of the best singers and songwriters they ever had passed away a few ... Read More »

Oppo releases BDP-83-SE "Special Edition"

[url][/url] According to this, you get an Oppo BDP-83 with "upgraded" audio features like a separate amp, and other goodies, specifically aimed at audiophiles. One of you will have to tell me if these enhancements are worth an extra $300 beans. Da W ... Read More »

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MS 1400W: