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SpeakerCraft MZC-64 Amplifier
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MSRP  759.00
Description: The SpeakerCraft MZC-64 System consists of four subsystems. First, the Keypads, (EZ-Pad, IMKP, MODE 3.1, not included) can be setup in a variety of configurations to meet virtually any client requirement. They are connected via convenient CAT-5 cable with home run lengths of up to 1000’ (305m), to the centrally located MZC-64 Multi-Zone Audio Amplifier Controller and source components. The MZC-64 contains the “brains” of the system, taking key location data (button presses) from the keypads to trigger IR, RS232 and RS485 commands to control system functions and source components. Programming is accomplished using EZ-Tools, a SpeakerCraft developed Windows® software system. A fourth item, the LTM-1.0 Learning Test Module, is an installer’s tool (not included) for learning and teaching special IR commands that are not included in the EZ-Tools Command Library.


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