Simaudio Rock Amplifiers

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Product Description

  • High-current output signal
  • 32 bipolar output devices
  • Solid-state amplifier design
  • Customized 2 inch thick solid granite base
  • An anodized top cover

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Greatest Rock band ever

In your opinion who is the greatest rock band that ever lived? IMO that title belong to Led Zeppelin. Alot of great bands seem to follow the curve where they peak and then inevitable downward spiral. But Zeppelin were consistent throughout their music career with good albums, and they knew when to ... Read More »

Rock Music

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Rock is dead!

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A nice documentary about Progressive Rock

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Bass players (prog- hard rock-oriented)

Keep an eye peeled for a disc by bassist Alberto Rigoni called Rebirth. I picked this up yesterday and it's got some interesting guests: Gavin Harrison plays drums on three tracks, Michael Manring guests on bass on a couple tracks, as well as a few other players (keyboards, vocals) sprinkled thru th ... Read More »



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