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Product Image
Samsung SW-A3000 2-Channel Amplifier
0 Reviews
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MSRP  107.00
Description: Forget running wires all the way to the back of your room, having to tape them down or risk tripping over them. Add Samsung's compact SWA-3000 Wireless Module rear-channel amplifier to Samsung's HT-Q20, HT-THQ25, or HT-XQ100 home-theater systems and enjoy full surround-sound audio effects with less setup and ongoing hassle. The SWA-3000 receives rear-channel audio signals virtually anywhere in the room, wirelessly from your system's main unit. All you have to do is place the amplifier in a convenient location, connect the two rear speakers directly to it, insert the included TX card into the DVD changer/receiver, and you can start experiencing exciting multi-channel sound. This two-channel rear amplifier uses the 2.4 GHz signal frequency for excellent clarity, and can operate from a distance of up to 33 feet from your home-theater system.


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