Quicksilver Audio SET Amplifiers

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  • Input Sensitivity: 1.7 volts
  • Input Impedance: 300 K ohms

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How to select Amps and Speaker Selector for a set of speakers

Hi experts, I need to create a sound sytem for a dining area with multiple rooms/zones, with a total of 4 speakers. How do I calculate/determine the required specs for my amplifier and speaker selector? Or vice versa? Context: I tried to read up online, and have some sense of what I need to do, ... Read More »

Two Room Set-up

Hello and thanks in advance for your help and advice! So the situation we are in is as follows: We have two rooms with 4 speakers in each (total of 8). We also have two cable boxes, 4 monitors, two receivers and an Apple TV gizmo. With various hdmi cables and splitters, we have the video set up t ... Read More »

NAD C375BEE Subwoofer set up

A have a bit of a problem i want to set up a powered sub to my amp. The Amp is an NAD C375 it doesn't have a sub out. So i was told to use speaker out to in on the sub from speaker 2. The problem with that is the sub doesn't have speaker conn. The pre out 2 may work but whats the deal will the volum ... Read More »

Upgrading my set up, $3k max budget

Looking to upgrade my set up and take my music listening to the next level. Unfortunately there's only one shop in town (Richmond, VA) I'm aware of and I'm not 100% sure the sales dude is on the same page as me or has the same appreciation for music that I do. He's knowledgable, just not sure we're ... Read More »

Need help with building my first set of 2 way speakers!

Hi everyone, I'm trying to build a pair of 2 way speakers from recycled woofers and new parts. I salvaged some old school, 3 way speakers from the tip earlier this year. One was empty inside and the other had 2 working 8 inch woofers and one damaged tweeter/midrange. I disassembled the working sp ... Read More »


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