Parasound 5250 Amplifiers

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Product Description

  • 250 watts rms per channel
  • 45 amps peak current per channel
  • Efficient,low heat design
  • 5-wayspeaker terminals
  • High temperature indicators
  • Fullydiscrete circuitry

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B&K 200.5 S2 vs. Parasound 5250 vs. Outlaw 7500

All will cost 1,600 bucks, Outlaw will be new, Parasound is 2 months old, and BK is 4months old. Common sense is telling me to take the Parasound because it's THX certified and has 50 more watts per channel than the other two for the same price (250wpc vs. 200wpc). BK statistically has the highest ... Read More »


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