Parasound 275 Amplifiers

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Product Description

  • 30 amps peak current per channel
  • A/B speaker terminals
  • 115/230v selector on rear panel
  • Fully discrete circuitry
  • Efficient, low heat design
  • High temperature indicators

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Infinity Kappa 6s for $275?

I lost my bid to buy the Klipsch speakers the other day (long story) but found this pair that is need of new foam around the woofers, but those kits are cheap and these speakers have a great reputation. My only reluctance, and this could be petty, is the light oak cabinets. My equipment, plasma and ... Read More »

Parasound Models 275 and 2125

I have never purchased a seperate amp for myself (although I've installed 5 channel amps for others), but that was fairly straightforward. I am curious about the Parasound New Classic Model 275 and 2125; they are compact, have impressive specs and good reviews as well. Now these have posts for ... Read More »

Heads up - good sub deal! $275

Hello everybody!! I just stumbled across 4 of these on Audiogon. Hsu 1220HOs' -1 db @ 18hz and a 150watt amp!! (disclaimer: I don't know the seller and blah blah blah....:) [url][/url] If I had cash they'd be sold! PeteRead More »



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