ODG Stratos Amplifiers

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Pre-2000 model Stratos amplifiers.

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Out with the Counterpoint and In with the Stratos

So after living with the Counterpoint NPS-400 for several monthes and getting used to a different sound, I swapped it out of the system and put my Stratos back in. I am still using the Clearfield Continentals and will rotate the Dynaudio 82s back in for more testing. Immediate observations were: ... Read More »

Triangle Stratos Luna

I have brand new Triangle Lunas for sale...Any one interested? Also, for sale are Esprit series Stella, Titus, Comete, and subs. I have less than 10 pairs left of the ones that I have mentioned. email me at [email]triangleusa@hotmail.com[/email] or give me a call at 661 600 2919 thanks, ... Read More »

Odyssey Stratos

Anyone out there have experience matching this amp with various speakers? In particular various Proac monitors or Von Schweikert VR-1 monitors.Read More »


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