Marsh Sound Designs HT 750 Amplifiers

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  • 5 Channels at 150 watts per channel
  • Dynamic transient sounds

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HT Setup for under $750?

Any advice on a budget system for under $750? Needs to be able to play digital music from home PC setup. So something that sounds good with music, as well as DVD's etc. Would like 5.1 surround, we don't need 7.1 with our small sized room. Looking for HT receiver and speaker components mainl ... Read More »

reommendation for good under $750 HT wall speakers

Would appreciate any recommendations (and point to reivews) that anyone can give for in-wall or very small surface mount speakers for HT. I am looking in the $750 range for a 5.1 system.Read More »


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FGH 26: