Marantz ZS5300 6-Channel Amplifier Amplifiers

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The ZS5300 is a 6 channel multi-zone control amplifier designed specifically for an all-in-one solution to custom distributed audio. When combined with a receiver and/or other source components, the ZS5300 transforms your main system into a whole house audio system. Watch a DVD in full surround sound in the family room while your wife listens to talk radio in the kitchen. At the same time, your daughter can be listening to a CD in her bedroom and your son can listening to punk via satellite. Want to add more zones? Simply add another ZS5300 (up to 3) for a total of 9 zones. Easy to install and compatiable with most keypads, including Niles and Xantech, makes the ZS5300 one of the most flexible and useful audio products ever invented.

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