Linar Audio 150 Amplifiers

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Output power 150W x (2 to 5 channels) Damping factor 1000 Noise -115 db below 150w Harmonic distortion <0.1% 20Hz-20Khz Frequency response 10Hz-80Khz +0-3db Input impedance 53 Kilohms Mass 72 lbs (four channels) Dimensions 18"x8 3/4"x17 1/4" (LxHxD) 46x22.5x44cm

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ATC SCM 150 Loudspeakers - New to my top 5...

Trying for many years to have a list of my top five favorite loudspeakers regardless of price now has a very unexpected speaker to my list. I have long hated low efficiency speakers and usually disliked three+ way loudspeakers. They always tend to sound all over the place and dynamically inept n ... Read More »

Carver MXR-150 Receiver

I have a Carver MXR-150 receiver and its not working. It won't send any power out to the speakers at all ... how do I trouble shoot what is wrong? It is already taken apart on my desk and I am befuddled lol ... thanks in advanceRead More »

HARMON/KARDON Avr300...$150.00 it worth it??..please helppp!!!

Hi all....I have a chance to buy this HK ...$150.00 good shape....I have Kef speakers to run her it worth budget is limited so thats why I`m looking at this HK. thanks...:devil:Read More »

Alright to use 40 WPC Stereo Receiver with 150 watt Scott Speakers

The Speakers are 4 way 6 driver with 15 inch woofers. The Stereo Receiver is a Kenwood KR-4070. Powerful enough to drive these speakers? The speakers say 10-150 watts.Read More »

Sub 150 Manual Needed

Hey all, Anybody have a manual for a Sub 150 to e-mail me? Also, the cardboard tubes are rolling around inside, but I'm sure they should be glued to the plastic ports, YES ? Lastly (for now), what would be the minimum receiver necessary to drive this beast ? Thanks very much, John R.:out:Read More »


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