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Product Image
Kramer 901 2-Channel Amplifier
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  107.00
Description: The Kramer 901 is a high performance Personal Stereo Amplifier for multimedia and presentation use for quick, local audio amplification. It features easy control of Treble, Bass, Volume and stereo Balance settings on front panel control buttons. The machine also provides two inputs – Mic and line, with an input selector switch, and a microphone-type selector switch – condenser or dynamic. It can output up to 4-Watts peak power, ample for personal and small presentation applications. It has headphone and loudspeaker outputs. The 901 is part of the Kramer TOOLS family of compact, high quality, and cost effective solutions for a variety of applications and is fed from a 12Volts DC power supply, making it suitable for field applications as well.


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