Genesis Technologies M 50 Amplifiers

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  • Dynamics, and wide frequency
  • Emphasis on sound quality
  • Internal circuitry is hand-soldered
  • Hand-wound for a single voltage
  • Excellent solid-state design

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I'm looking for 50's music cds that sound half>

decent. I realize that this music was originally recorded in mono but are there any good sounding cds that are digitally remastered? Thanks, JohnRead More »

Yamaha Natural Sound M-50 docs

I picked up a 240V-50Hz Yamaha M-50 on the Bay and it came with zip documentation. I contacted Yamaha-UK about it and they had nothing... actually, they were completely in the dark about it. Anybody know where I can find its documentation? Docs on the US version (120V-60 Hz) would be OK too.Read More »

WANTED - - -yamaha m-50 power amp specs

does anybody have specs on this amp that they can email me or post? thanksRead More »


BLG CP024:

High End: