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Product Image
Digital Amplifier Company DAC4800A Stereo Power Amplifier
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  3600.00
Description: This is Digital Amplifier Company's high-end amp. It drives difficult speakers with grace. I tried it on a variety of speakers, and it simply sounds amazing, loud or soft, no matter which speakers. I heard new things in old tracks with this amp! <br> <br>It puts out more than a thousand watts total of super clean power, and it takes almost no power to leave it on all the time, unlike other high-end amps. <br> <br>Here are the specs/features from the website: <br> Amazing Sound Quality --- True High-End Performance, Musical, Dynamic, Accurate <br> Superior low level detail <br> Super Low Noise and Distortion --- 114dB SNR, 1000W into 8 ohms) <br> Remote Standby Control (via 2.5mm DC jack) <br> Pushbutton Standby Control <br> Bullet-Proof Protection --- Thermal, Current, Auto-Recovery, etc. <br> Quiet ON/OFF <br> 14.25" x 3.95" x 12.75" <br> 30 lbs. <br> 120VAC <br>


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