Crown CL -2 Amplifiers

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Product Description

  • Two channel Contractor
  • 5-way fault indicator
  • Advanced protection circuitry
  • High frequency overloads

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CL Score- Kenwood M1

An addiction is a hard thing to break but even after getting the Luxman a couple of weeks ago I still find myself scanning Craigslist for gear. Yesterday I saw a listing for a Amp and it turned out to be a Kenwood Basic M1 w Dynamic Linear Drive for only $50. Picked up tonight and gave it a quick te ... Read More »

Bluebook value of JAMO CL 30A Speakers?

Can anyone tell me when these speakers were made and what the going rate is for these? A local seller is getting rid of a pair. Not sure if JAMO is a good brand. I know they got bought out by Klipshe.... I think.Read More »

NAD Gear on CL-Deal?

This popped on the local CL for $495. Selling NAD 2200 Stereo Amplifier, NAD 1240 Preamplifier, NAD 4020A AM/FM Tuner, NAD C540 CD Player. Of course I just spent about $300 for my current line-up of mostly Kenwood gear (KT-7500 tuner, Basic C-1 preamp and Basic M1D amp). I hear a lot of positi ... Read More »


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