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Product Image
Crest Audio CPX2600 2200w @ 4ohm amp Amplifier
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MSRP  535.00
Description: <LI>GCL Gain Comparator Limiting system with rear panel defeat switch <LI>Built-in crossover <LI>150Hz, 24 dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley filter, tuned for subs <LI>Individual in/out switches for Channels A and B <LI>1/4" daisy chain outputs <LI>Input connectors: Barrier strip, Female XLR 1/4" TRS <LI>Rear panel polarity switches for XLRs, Pin 2 hot <LI>Outputs connectors: Speakons for Ch A and B and Bridged mono, Binding posts for Bridge mode <LI>Mode selector switch for stereo and bridged-mono operation <LI>Two-speed DC fan


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