Bryston 370 Amplifiers

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Product Description

  • Right-channel only of the stereo version
  • Distortion is below .01 % from 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Direct output from the amplifier
  • 8-ohm speaker

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ADP 170 Vs ADP 370

I am putting a HT setup together with Paradigm Studio 20v3s for mains, 470CC, i just need the surrounds i have decided to go with the ADP's but im having a hard time finding the 370 used anywhere and i cant afford them brand new, My question would the ADP 170's work and still give me a good surround ... Read More »

Paradigm Cc-370 Or Psb Stratus C5

I'm thinking of selling my PSB Stratus C5 and picking up a Paradigm cc-370 center. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. I don't feel the 5 1/4" woofers on the C5 are handling multi channel music to well.Read More »

Nad C 370 needs some help...

Hello Everybody! After 3.5 years runing my NAD 370, it started to show me some horrible problems: After switching On the amp, the right chanel (just right) is horribly distorted, low sound and almost difficult to hear. The only one solution(quick one) brings back to the normal sound is: I`m ad ... Read More »

Is biwiring damaging my NAD 370?

Hi, My system consisted of Cambridge audio c500, 2 p500 (biamped) and b&w 602 s3. I was completely happy with it but read so much about how nad's are ideal w/ b&w's that when i saw a used one for sale that i snapped it up. I notice when i biwired the nad i hear an unbelievable difference. Mo ... Read More »

Mains that match Paradigm CC-370 Center channel....

.....the closest. Hi all. Of all the speakers in Paradigm's Monitor line which would you say matches the frequency response of the Paradigm center channel the closest? I have the monitor 7's and theyre slightly darker but enough to notice. I was thinking maybe the Monitor 5 because of it's simil ... Read More »



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