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Audio pro A.2, this easy-to-use and affordable HiFi amplifier can compare to any larger amplifier. Extreme high current capability ensures impressive sound reproduction. The A.2 accepts five inputs (Phono, CD, Tuner, Aux and Tape), and accepts both MM/MC phono pick-ups. Output power is rated to 2 x 40 watts in 8 ohm (or 2 x 45 in 4 ohm). Additionally it is equipped with a no-nonsens remote control, pre-out/main-in terminals and massive speaker binding posts.

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3 speakers on a 2 channel amp

I'm installing an outdoor audio system on a large patio and am considering installing three speakers (2 left channel and 1 right in a L-R-L configuration). I'm looking at using Definitive Technology AW-6500's which are 8 ohm speakers. The amp I want to get is the Emotiva UPA-200 which is rated for ... Read More »

Co-worker finally decided on a 2.1 setup

Some of you may recall over the last few months, me and a co-worker drove around Raleigh Durham hitting every audio shop we could find. Well, after countless demo sessions and working Crutchfield's return policy to death, he decided on the following for a small room. Speakers: Paradigm Studio ... Read More »

Looking for a 2.0 speaker system

Hi, I'm looking for a 2.0 speaker system for my computer. Specifically a 2.0 system because I already have a sub that works just fine and I don't think there aren't many subs on 2.1 computer speaker systems that could compare to it. Just for reference, it's a [url= ... Read More »

Adding a center speaker to my 2.0 set up.

I currently own a pair PSB G1's whose specifications are: Frequency Response: Lf Cutoff -10 dB, 32 Hz; (-6 dB) 38 - 23,000 Hz Sensitivity (1w (2.83V) @ 1m, IEC-filtered Pink Noise, C-weighted): Anechoic Chamber, 86 dB; Typical Listening Room, 88 dB Impedance: Nominal, 6 Ohms; Minimum, 4 Ohms Inpu ... Read More »

Building a small 2.1 system

Hello, I'm willing to build a small audio system. It's mainly for enjoying FLAC audio in my room (about 7 x 15 feet or 230 x 460 cm). Requirements (subject to changes): [LIST] [*]Channels: 2.1 [*]Audio power: 50W [/LIST] I'm considering the following architecture: [IMG] ... Read More »


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