Product Description

  • 45 W x 4 or 90W x 2 Channel Distrution Amplifiers
  • Designed with High Efficiency Power Amplifiers
  • Designed with input sensitivity adjustment for each input
  • Designed with IR output for cascade IR signal path
  • Designed with 12 V DV Trigger Output

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Pls add Xindak XA-3200S MkII Pre-Amplifier

Manufacturer Name: Xindak Manufacturer's Website Address: [url][/url] Category: Pre-Amplifiers Product Name & Model: XA-3200S MkII Stereo Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifier Price (MSRP): $1,495 Link to Image: [url][/url] thanks.Read More »

Help ID Turntable w/SME 3009+Grado+AR XA+ Grado + D.A. Wilson S.M.A.R.T. 0003

Can anyone identify this turntable? The tonearm is a SME 3009 with what appears to be a liquid filled dampening chamber. The base appears to be an AR XA. The top has a built in level and a metal label plate that reads: D.A. Wilson S.M.A.R.T. No. 00003 My inly thought is that some guy ... Read More »


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