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Adcom GFA7705 5-Channel Amplifier
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Description: The AdCom GFA-7705 200 x 5 Channel Home Theater Amplifier multi-channel amplifier was designed to meet the performance requirements of the new DVD Audio and SACD high-resolution audio formats. At a real 200 Watts per channel (continuously into 8 ohms, (300 watts into 4 ohms) at rated bandwidth/distortion, the 7700s easily deliver all the current and vise-grip Driver control that today's power-hungry, low-impedance loudspeakers demand. The monstrous power supply banks create extremely wide bandwidth (3 Hz-130 kHz), high-current swing capability and wide dynamic range. All together, this delivers the necessary response to effectively track and amplify all subtleties and nuances without loss or strain. This is THE Power amplifier for your high performance system.


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