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Product Image
Yamaha HTR-5240 Receiver
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Description: Yamaha offers its least expensive receiver incorporating Dolby Digital and DTS decoding and Yamaha Digital Sound Field Processing. The new Dolby Digital system is a fully discrete system providing six channels of sound. Five are full-frequency channels, and the sixth is a low frequency effects channel. Like Dolby Digital, DTS is a discrete 5.1 channel system. It uses a higher bit-rate for greater resolution and is available on DVDs, laser discs, and music CDs. Yamaha's exclusive Digital Sound Field Processing for music recreates the acoustic personalities of actual concert halls and other venues. The HTR-5240 also provides ways to customize many of these sound field settings for your particular room. Specific aspects of a sound field, such as center delay time, speaker size, and others can be adjusted, displayed on the front panel and set so they're always there in a given mode. The new thin profile remote control keypad is ergonomically designed for easy access to the most often used features, functions ...


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