Sherwood RV-4080R A/V Receivers

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Product Description

There's watching "the tube" and then there's "home theater." You want the excitement and emotional involvement surround sound adds to movies and to your favorite television shows, and you want it in your home. You want great sound and the latest technology, but you don't want to turn your family space into a hi-fi showroom filled with racks of equipment. And you don't want to own gear so difficult to use, you'd be afraid to turn it on. Most importantly, you don't want your new home theater to break the bank. Sherwood meets your particular listening needs. Sherwood RV-4080R audio/video receiver with Dolby Pro Logic Surround features 3 simulated surround modes. It has front panel camcorder input and preamp audio output for center, 2 rear and subwoofer speakers. The receiver is provided with unified remote control with subwoofer level control.

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