Pioneer VSX-D2011 7.1 Channels Receiver A/V Receivers

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Product Description

For an all-round, breathtaking sound experience that will take you into the future choose the VSX-D2011-S. At the heart of the high-quality sound production lies the Advanced Direct Energy MOS FET 7-channel equal power amplification (100 W x 7 DIN). The sound is enhanced by the receivers design, which features a double layered chassis and 3-D Space Frame Construction, as well as 192 kHz/24-bit DACs for top quality reproduction. Clear precision sounds are part of Pioneers Advanced Multi-channel Stereophonic Philosophy. The Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration (MCACC)system with microphone monitors your sound environment and automatically adjusts your system to reach the perfect tonal level. To bring the fullest expression to the sound, the VSX-D2011-S also features THX Select, AIR Studios fine-tuning, and an Audio Scaler, which enhances the signals from any digital source to create a smoother, more natural sound. Last but not least: this versatile receiver can handle 96/24 DTS, THX Surround EX/Dolby Digital EX,

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