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Product Image
Panasonic SA-XR10 5.1 Channels Receiver
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Description: This sleek model is the first fully digital receiver. Since a digital receiver processes everything from input to output in the digital domain, amplification with virtually no signal degradation is possible. The result is a new dimension of sound quality. Boasting power efficiency of over 90 percent, the dts/Dolby Digital receiver delivers high output with minimal heat, in this case 100 watts to each of the five channels (1kHz, 6ohms, 0.9% TDH). This characteristic allows for a remarkably thin (just 1.7 inches high) unit to deliver the sweeping 5.1-channel sound that previously required a large amplifier.The SA-XR10, which has an appealing half-mirror silver cabinet, also features Pro Logic II, six channel inputs, and universal remote control. It is DVD-Audio ready.


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