NAD T773 6.1 Channels Receiver A/V Receivers

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Todays advanced surround sound receivers require quality in both the digital decoding stages and the analogue amplifying stages for the best overall performance. The T 773 is an excellent example of the NAD Design Teams expertise in both areas. Using the latest high speed DSP technology, NAD was able to include the newest surround formats from Dolby and DTS, as well as including NADs own highly regarded music surround mode, the EARS (Enhanced Ambient Recovery Circuit) circuit. Unlike the typical artificially enhanced DSP modes like Club, Stadium, and Church, EARS uses DSP technology to extract the natural ambience to create surround sound from any 2 channel source inducing a warm natural reverberant effect without the artificial BOING. Surround processing is automatically detected via the digital inputs of the T 773, and the highest or most advanced form of decoding is switched in. Conversion of the decoded digital bitstream is performed with high resolution and extremely linear D/A Converters caref

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