NAD T760 A/V Receivers

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The NAD T760 is the newest surround receiver. With both Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, it is a versatile, high-performing, high-value receiver with NAD's distinctive "Music First" sound quality. By doing away with many costly and superfluous features, NAD's engineers concentrated only on the truly important parts of an A / V receiver. As the new Digital Surround Sound formats allow for the same wide bandwidth and large dynamic range for the front channels as the rear channels, all five channels are capable of putting out an equal amount of power. As usual with NAD, the T760 uses discrete output stages only, including the surround channels. The benefits of this approach have been proven over the years in many acclaimed NAD amplifiers and receivers. The integrated output modules favored by so many other designs will deliver a decent amount of power under laboratory conditions, driving an 8 ohms resistor, but can have great difficulties in driving moderately difficult speakers. The NAD T760 uses the new Imp...

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Difference between NAD T760 and T551?

What is the difference between the NAD T760 and the NAD T751? I read the manuals on line from NAD and they both look exactally the same, the same amount of inputs and same layout of inputs on the backs of the units and even the fronts of the units look the same.Read More »

NAD C272 & T760 4ohm

Hi, I recently got a C272 which I am running of my T760. I had a pair of Valdus 400's (92db)on the 760, which I have now connected to the 272. I am running a pair of 4ohm towers (91db) off the 760. What is the implication of this? The output on both amps sounds pretty much the same. Will the 760 co ... Read More »


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