Marantz SR5007 A/V Receivers

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home theater receiver 7-channel amplifier; 100 watts per channel with 2 channels driven ,built-in Apple AirPlay for ultra-convenient iTunes music playback

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Marantz SR5007 or SR6007?

I have a Marantz SR8000 that has been cutting in and out for about 10 years... normally it doesn't do this as long as I leave it turned on continuously. But recently I moved and we lose power once in awhile - then it takes a few days for the receiver to recover. It has already been to two repair ... Read More »

Marantz SR5007 or Onkyo 717

I have asked a question similar to this in another threard, but I'm looking for some more opinions. I'm replacing a ten year old Harmon Kardon AVR325 and I've narrowed my search to either a Marantz SR5007 or an Onkyo 717. I removed the Onkyo 818 from the list because I don't see the worth in the a ... Read More »



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