Kenwood VR-3090 A/V Receivers

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Product Description

For the latest in auditory technology and beautifully detailed sound, consider Kenwood's VR-3090 Audio/Video Receiver. It features Kenwood's exclusive advanced output circuitry that incorporates the temperature sensor inside the power transistor housing. The result is incredibly defined, vivid sound that is more consistent throughout all volume levels and temperature conditions. In addition, the VR-3090 employs Dolby Three-stereo, a circuit that decodes two-channel Dolby Surround-encoded soundtracks for more precise sound placement across the front than traditional two-channel stereo arrangements. The VR-3090's advanced technology is complemented by several convenient features including bass management that allows for accurate bass, reduced distortion and increased dynamic range, CD track title display, a unique remote control that allows you to navigate and make selections using graphical icons on an LCD touch screen (you can touch the screen with your finger or use a finger-operated joystick) and Audio D...

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