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Denon AVR-1804 6.1 Channels Receiver
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Description: When it comes to incredible home theater realism, Denon's AVR-1804 really delivers! 90 high-current watts x 6 channels of ultra-clean power envelops you in an engrossing, 360÷ soundfield. Built-in 32-bit decoding for Dolby® Digital EX and DTS-ES® let you enjoy precise 6.1-channel sound from any Dolby Digital or DTS soundtrack. You can also transform any stereo or Dolby Surround source into convincing 6.1 audio using DTS Neo:6 modes. Cinema EQ optimizes movie soundtracks for home theater-sized rooms. Thanks to dual-room/dual-source output, you can enjoy 6.1-channel sound in your main listening room while a housemate listens to a different audio source in another. You can use the preamp-level second-room outputs along with a receiver, amplifier, or shelf system for stereo sound in your second room.


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