NAD 911 A/V Preamplifier

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Distribution Pre-amp. 6 Channel Inputs. 6 Line out Fixed; 6 Line out Variable. Each Fixed and Variable output buffered.

   No Reviews Found. me tame bass boominess

well i kind of tricked ya...but if anyone can help...this board can. problem is my car audio system...i have 1995 Saab with a Harman Kardon 10 speaker sound system with a 150 watt HK amp... the bass is waaaay too boomy. I tried turning down the bass tone adjustment, but its still there. Th ... Read More »

Has post-911 American imperialism fueled the resurgence of Gang of Four?

How's that for a serious topic to panegyrize the [i][b]return of dbi[/b][/i]? Yeah, go ahead and pretend like you know what that means ;) No secret that I'm a big Gang of Four fan (although personally I'm very much supportive of both democracy and capitalism) and very much against the direction m ... Read More »



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