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Product Image
Sony RM-AX4000 LCD Touchscreen Remote Control
0 Reviews
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MSRP  143.00
Description: The RM-AX4000 remote control comes with Sony's easy to setup PC software. It's the perfect remote control for today's home AV system, consolidating multiple remote controls into one. Exciting and convenient, this remote features an XPRESS Function for executing a series of commands, and enabling you to operate several AV components just by pressing a single key. The RM-AX4000 also controls up to 16 components, and with the Sync-up Key, synchronizing operational status on remote and alternate components is done with ease. Also featuring Tivo™/DVR functionality and an illuminated LCD touch screen allows you to highlight and view your choices. Being in the driver's seat of your living room sofa is made easy with the RM-AX4000 Home Theatre Remote Control from Sony.


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