Proton iRemote Remote Controls

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Product Description

  • Controls up to 16 devices including TV, Satellite, VCR, DVD player, CD player, Amplifier, Tape/Tuner and AUX
  • Uses the IR codes from your existing remote control to quickly recognize your home AV devices
  • Smart and the fastest universal learning capability
  • User Friendly interface, easy to set up
  • Touch screen panel with back-lighting for visibility in the dim lighting
  • Macro function - each macro can store 60 commands
  • Easy to hold, comfortable in your hand
  • The best way to control your AV electronic devices

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    Manufacturer Name - Proton Manufacturer's Website Address - [url][/url] Category (DVD Player, Subwoofer, etc) โ€“ Universal Remote Control Product Name or Model Number โ€“ iRemote โ€“ IR800 Price (MSRP) - $174.99 Link to an Image - [url]http://www.altazmarketi ... Read More »


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