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Product Image
One For All URC9960 Kameleon 8 Device Universal Learning Remote Control
0 Reviews
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MSRP  70.00
Description: URC9960 Kameleon 8 Device Universal Learning Remote Control <P> The ONE FOR ALL URC-9960 may be the easiest remote you''ll ever learn to use. Kameleon technology features an electro-luminescent touch display panel featuring dynamic screens and icons. Only the keys applicable to the device currently in use are illuminated! <P> Key Features: <LI> Operates TV, VCR/PVR, DVD, Cable/Satellite, CD, Audio and 2 AUX <LI> Reveal hidden screens to view high density key layouts <LI> Colorful displays with key animation <LI> Easy intuitive setup, learns codes from your existing remotes <LI> Macros and favorite channel scan <LI> PIP, brightness and surround functions <LI> Uses 4 AAA batteries


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