Harmony Remotes One Remote Controls

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Product Description

  • Low-profile charging dock
  • USB connection
  • Up to eight custom activities or controls
  • Ergonomic, comfort-grip handle
  • Activities offer one-touch convenience

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Xbox One Coming in November at $499

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Any one remember Triumph? Top 3?

Triumph is still up there as one of my favorite bands, Canadian power trio. I still have their LP's I began buying in high school, dating myself a bit, and how I managed to hang on to them or all my albums really as I traveled around.... I guess we take care of what's important to us. Top 3 is to ... Read More »

Mount Moriah, any one?

Mount Moriah is a band I was turned onto by Wonkbook. I plan to pick up the new album, I like what I hear on YouTube and samples. They are sort of a twist of Alt Country & Indie IMO. Any one already have some of their stuff? Singer Heather McEntire has a nice voice and an interesting story not r ... Read More »

One of the worst halftime shows ever!

What trash! If I wanted to see bimbos in their underwear thrusting their crotch at me and pole dancing, I would just go to the strip club. If the girl had any real talent, she would not need to distract with that crap. But if she just stood there and sang, she probably would not have that many fans. ... Read More »

Which one is better? PSB Image B5 or G-Design GB1

Hi this is my very first post in this forum. I am no audiophile and have a question for those who are. Which speaker would you guys recommend if you would pay the same price for each one the PSB Image B5 or G-Design GB1? Thanks for your responseRead More »

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