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Center Channel Speaker Shelf Holds 15 lbs., adjusts to fit a variety of television

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LG and Samsung put OLED TVs on hold

[center][img][/img][/center] OLED TVs which made alot of noise at this year Electronic Consumer Show was supposedly be released by end of this year. But problems with manufacturing yield are forcing Korea's big t ... Read More »

Panasonic voice control TVs

Speech recognition software company Nuance Communications has signed a deal with Panasonic to add its Dragon TV speech control technology to Panasonic’s Viera TV line. The new platform makes use of natural voice commands and focuses on search capabilities. The technology uses an array of microp ... Read More »

HBO Go: Another Challenge to Netflix? 4M Downloads and Coming Soon to Consoles & TVs

[B]Studios Profiting Big Time With Netflix and Amazon Fee Increases[/B] Over the last few months, the studios have hit the proverbial lottery with the huge streaming rights fees that they've negotiated with Netflix and Amazon. CBS/Paramount saw their net profits more than double, as the new rights ... Read More »

New 3d TVs hitting the market

New 3D LED TV offerings from major players have hit the shelves here in Portugal. Samsung has a few SMART models on sale with little or no premium to pay for 3D. However the models still continue with the reflective screen. Lots of rumors regarding LG, but nothing new that I can report on. A l ... Read More »

LED TVs overtaking CCFL LCD panels

LCD TV panel makers are targeting aggressive growth for LED panels, with Samsung and Sharp aiming to ship more LED-based LCD TVs than CCFL panels in the fourth quarter of this year, states the report. And prices will continue to drop Manufacturers of LED panels plan to reach 40 percent LED penetr ... Read More »

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