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Speaker Stands

I am interested in others' opinions on speaker stands. I am currently using the Sanus Steel Foundation 22 inch stands. They are very nice assemble yourself stands. They have a wide base for stability, spikes that pierce carpet and couple to the floor. What I am wondering from anyone who has tried th ... Read More »

Magnepan MMGW speaker stands

Several years ago I bought Magnepan's complete surround speaker system of 4 MMGW's and MMGC (center). I kept one pair of the MMGW's and used them for the rear and bought a pair of MC1 (w/tweeter) for the mains. For those that don't know, the MMGW's are entry level speakers that are full range, but ... Read More »

Good budget speaker stands

I would love to have fully welded, four column support speaker stands. I just do not want to spend that much money on stands that are almost as expensive as the speakers sitting on them. I finally have a pair of stands that are good supports for my speakers. I am now using the Sanus SF 22 with th ... Read More »

Usher subwoofer/speaker stands....

I happened to check out the Usher website and was surprised to find sub woofers made to compliment the S-520. These sub woofers seem like a pretty good idea for those who have small bookshelf/monitors and looking to add some depth to the sound. Check it out. [url]http://usheraudiousa.com/produc ... Read More »

Bookshelf Speaker Stands

Want to know how offcut mellamine, 4 old Ikea coffee table legs and a pair of Pioneer bookshelf speakers come together? From the unloved, cold darkness of my basement these items shall rise up. They will know usefullness!! They will know a life other than a curb which leads to a dump. Now rise ... Read More »


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