OmniMount 300-30 Racks & Stands

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30" Z Shape speaker stand

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JBL EON 300 Powered Speaker is TICKING

Recently someone used my EON system and THREE of my 300's came back TICKING with no high end. I searched for discussions on the TICKING problem and found NONE!!! I have replace tweeters before in this speaker, so I went ahead and ordered three new tweeters and . . . . new tweeters did not fix the ... Read More »

Accuphase P-300

I bought an Accuphase P-300 in the early 70's. I put it away in good working order about ten years ago and stored in a nice dry heated room. I recently have tried to use the amp and I do not have power coming out of one channel. For some reason I think it may be the capacitor. Nothing looks or s ... Read More »

Mcintosh MC 2300 300/300

I have the above amp hooked to 2 Klipsch Corner speakers, the question I have is wondering if I can combine my Surround receiver Yamaha RX-V571 hooked to 2 KLH T1b, along with 5 Cambridge sound satellite speakers, no sub. The 2 systems work great separately but wanted to put them together and just w ... Read More »

Anyone need this gizmo? It's $25, down from over $300!!

[url=] LG ANWL100W Digital Device 1080P Media Streamer[Compatible with 2010 LG TVs: Warehouse Deals[/url] I'm looking for an audio version of ... Read More »

300 (History Rewritten)

The 2007 fantasy-action film [i]300[/i] is probably one of those type of movie which some reviewers will love for its unique visual and super action scenes, or some that don't care for because of its historical inaccuracy and political incorrectness. After seeing the movie couple of times, I sa ... Read More »


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